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From your initial enquiry through to finishing touches on the day, let our wonderfully talented events team guide you through every step on the journey to your big day.



Newly build and furnished this stunning cottage will be the ideal place for any bride and her party to get dress and relax before the ceremony.

The luxurious dark wood furniture give the ideal setting complimented white curtains and linen and will make each client feel at home.

The private location and seductive scene is as inviting as gorgeous to all newlyweds.


All guestrooms are newly built and furnished. 

Come and enjoy the neat, beautiful and rustic feeling that the guestrooms gives you. 

Two and three bed rooms are available.

Separate bathrooms are available.


Step into "The Cottage", a vintage haven where cherished memories begin. Here, amidst elegant decor and charming details, the bridal party prepares for the big day surrounded by timeless charm.


With a spacious layout, The Cottage is more than a place to get ready – it's where vintage charm meets modern excitement, setting the stage for an unforgettable journey to forever.

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